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Employers are offered a number of service options depending on the services required and amount they are willing to pay. Please see below for a list of benefits as well as the costs for the different service options we provide.

Agricultural Labour Pool Employer Benefits:

  • Target candidates – meeting your specific requirements reducing hiring time and effort
  • Broader selection & wider exposure – Your job is posted on the Agricultural Labour Pool web site seen by job seekers across Canada and internationally.
  • Cost effective - Jobs are advertised and posted in industry wide publications, newspapers, career & employment magazines, employment offices, agencies, training centres & institutes.
  • Large database of registered job seekers from entry level to experienced workers and professionals which is constantly growing through our advertising and marketing efforts seeking professional, skilled, reliable and honest candidates. The "Labour Pool" is established and used by a large number of job seekers using the service for over 20 years
  • Save time, effort & dollars - depending on which level of service you choose, The Agricultural Labour Pool advertises, searches, and pre-screens for the best suited candidates matching your job requirements.
  • Assistance with - writing recruitment ads to attract the best available job seekers. Assistance in understanding the hiring process’ to obtain more stable dedicated quality long-tem employees.
  • Provided – information on current industry wages, benefits, employee availability and retention.
  • Opportunity - to target youth, an excellent resource and opportunity to train new employees with a keen interest and a desire to learn.

Agricultural Labour Pool Employer Cost Options:

You can get in touch with us in the following ways:

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Agricultural Labour Pool
1144 Vedder Crossing
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Phone: 1-604-823-6222

Fax: 1-604-608-3939

Note, full payment is required to activate job listings. Please call our office with your credit card information.

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