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Research Agronomist
Job Number: 11800

Farm Type:Research Jobs
Persons Required:2
Job Duration:N/A  (Permanent position)
Job Starts:ASAP
  • 50-75k per year
Work Schedule:
  • 40-60 hours per week during peak seasons and 40 hrs per week during non peak
Other Job Details:
Skills Needed:
Agronomy and Horticulture Skills
Be able to identify weeds, diseases and insects which are common to the crops grown in Canada.
Be able to successfully complete basic math associated with agriculture such as conversion calculations, fertilizer and pesticide application rates, application water volumes, and mix sizes to name a few.
Design, set up and maintain drip and sprinkler irrigation systems for various crops using solenoids, timers, poly hose and micro emitters. Regularly monitor irrigation levels to ensure consistency of irrigation.
Be able to properly prepare a seedbed and operate a seed drill, transplanter or other planting device to establish a crop.
Be able to grow agronomic or horticultural crops that will be equivalent to local agriculture standards
Basic Management Skills
Enter parameters and maintain an experiment tracking system that includes listing trial tasks, estimating target dates, tracking completion dates to meet protocol requirements and project deadlines.
Be able to train and mentor directs on agriculture and experimental tasks which will meet set quality standards
Be able to delegate tasks to directs and then follow up to ensure the tasks are completed to set quality standards and within protocol requirements.
Be able to accept direction from the Regional Manager and incorporate it into routine procedure.
Be able to prioritize tasks.
Be able to develop efficient routines
Understands the importance of open communication within the workplace and encourage the flow of information from directs to the Regional Manager.
Work effectively both independently and with the team in a fast-paced environment, working under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
Experimental Skills
Understanding of field experimental design and terminology such as: RCBD, split plot, replicate, block and plot
Read and understand a protocol, then breakdown the tasks associated with the experiment to adhere to the protocol requirements.
Collect data by performing visual assessment on treatments: for disease control by visually assessing plants and leaves for severity and incidence, and for insect infestation and damage by visual or qualitative methods (counting insects on leaves).
Have excellent observation skills with regard to treatment effects.
Interpret ANOVA tables and generate trial reports.

Communication Skills
Be able to cold call and approach growers within the region to discuss trial placement within their fields
Be able to verbally communicate clear direction to directs and accurate information to the Regional Manager
Be able to write emails and reports in a professional manner free from spelling, grammar and formatting errors
Be able to communicate in a professional manner to develop team and business relationships
Be able to listen actively, attentively and respond to direction
Equipment Skills
Be proficient in the use of iPads and iPhones for the use of data collection and reporting.
Be able to operate a sprayer and be familiar with application systems and terminology
Be able to safely operate a tractor and associated implements which are used in agriculture
Be able to use Excel and Word for data and report processing
Be able to use Outlook for email communication.
Have enough equipment experience to be able to learn the use and operation of new equipment.
Be attentive to operate equipment safely.
Be able to use ARM

Education Required:
Diploma or Degree with a focus on agriculture, entomology, plant pathology, weed science, agronomy, crop science or plant protection would be considered and asset.
Anyone with multiple years of tree fruit/field vegetable/grain production experience is encouraged to apply.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills, excellent attention to detail, organization, and record keeping.
Willing to travel periodically and complete tasks requiring extended work hours (early morning, evening and weekends) when necessary.
Capable of physical tasks such as lifting (30 kg), carrying a hand-held sprayer, walking in the field, bending and operating agriculture equipment.
Skills that are an asset but not mandatory: Agriculture background, farm machinery experience, previous research experience and good mechanical aptitude.
Has a passion for plants and growing them.
Work effectively in a hot environment where temperatures can be +30C.
Ability to work in a multicultural work environment.
This position requires membership, or eligibility for membership, in the BC Institute of Agrologists

If you like agriculture, have a passion for growing crops and are inquisitive, then ICMS may be the place for you. As a member of this team, you will design and manage field experiments that evaluate products and systems which improve the health and quality of Canadian crops. ICMS is recognized as a premiere provider of contract research services in the development, implementation and conduct of research in the areas of crop breeding, agronomy, evaluation of product efficacy for conventional and bio-pesticides, inoculants, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, seed coatings, and many other agricultural products. We are dedicated to providing accurate and meaningful data to local, national and international clientele. This is a great opportunity to work with a company that offers innovation, excellent earning potential with competitive salary, great benefits, learning experience in all aspects of agriculture, and a great opportunity to apply your education to everyday tasks.
This position is based at our Abbotsford Research station conducting trial work in the Fraser Valley region on a wide selection of crops such as blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, hops, potato, tomato, cucumber, pepper, canola, soybean, corn, wheat, and barley to name a few. The Research Agronomist will be responsible for setting up research trials on various crops to conduct product evaluation experiments. They will be responsible for planting and maintaining the crops, applying treatments, collecting data, directing term staff, writing reports, and communicating with clientele. This position will report to the Regional Manager on a regular basis.

Other Job Information:
“How to apply: Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume and references
by email to MyFuture@icms-inc.com and include job number BC21RA01 and job title in
the email subject line.”