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TIPS FROM ALP - Posted: 06/12/2014

Why won't employers respond to my email

I find one of the biggest mistakes people make when sending resumes is their EMAIL ADDRESS! I have seen things that have made me blush and laugh all at the same time. What kind of impression are you making to your potential employer when your email address looks like something a hired escort would use. Using inappropriate nick names amongst other things are simply not acceptable when sending in resumes looking for work. Your email address can tell a lot about who you are and although in good fun the email address can be offensive to others which often employers will simply just DELETE it from their system. I can tell you I have seen it all or at least I think I have. One thing is for sure, no matter how good your resume may be, when the email comes in from I don't pass it on. Signing up for an email is free for the most part, easy to use and with most people have smart phones the emails can be routed directly to your phone. If privacy is an issue then don't use your name however keep it simple, keep it clean and you'll find you might get better results from your emails.

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